Welcome to my blog. Here are some articles that serve as resources for my clients from various sources.

Conflict Resolution

I am Chuck Sugar, a Christian Counselor in the Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood Tennessee area and I love working with people. Though I work a lot with people dealing with depression, self-worth, and trauma issues, I particularly have a passion …
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Affair Recovery Counseling Process

Affair Recovery Counseling… Nothing can turn your world upside down like discovering your spouse has been having an affair. The hurt, anger, and fear are overwhelming. It’s hard to concentrate, sleep, or even sit still. Your mind keeps going over …
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This is an article I found in a Psychology Today magazine on Criticism, written by Jay Dixit. All relationship irritants can lead partners to criticize each other. But criticism is a dangerous irritant in itself. “If you want to kill …
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