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Chuck Sugar

Licensed Professional Counselor


Chuck Sugar Counseling

Hi, I’m Chuck Sugar, and I want to welcome you to the website.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Tennessee.

As a counselor, I work with many different types of people and issues.  I would say the three main areas are: Depression, Grief issues, and Marriage Counseling.  I understand depression and grief on both a personal and professional level, which helps me journey with my clients through their healing in an understanding way.

I also have a deep passion for couples with troubled marriages.  (please see Affair Recovery Counseling under the "Counseling Services" menu at the top of this page for more details if your marriage is struggling from an extramarital affair)  I help couples learn how to communicate, work through their differences, and ultimately fall in love again. I work hard to help them learn how to work through their differences in a way that is caring and loving that builds a truly great relationship.  As resentment and anger decrease and compassion and humility increase, you should experience deeper Intimacy, Trust, and Hope in your relationship! I help couples move from criticism, defensiveness, and resentment to a place of extending humility and compassion for each other.  It’s really incredible to see a couple begin to “get it” and hope re-enters their marriage.

Most couples come to me for one of many reasons:

  • Some come because their marriage is basically over…
  • There’s either been an affair, pornography, alcohol or drug use, or financial problems
  • Some have poor or destructive communication skills
  • And some couples are just not in love with each other anymore.

Almost all couples that come to me have lost or are losing the hope that they will ever be happy in their marriage again!  Usually, there is a wall of resentment that has built up between them from not knowing how to successfully resolve conflicts and differences in a loving and effective way.

After you’ve looked around the website, I would love to talk to you about how I can help you. I will do my best to return your email or phone call today and to make time to meet with you this week if that works for your schedule.

So, let’s get started working on your life or your marriage! Few things are more miserable than being depressed, dealing with unresolved grief, or living in a bad relationship; And I don’t believe anything feels better than getting healthier and/or being in a great relationship and feeling in love again!

I hope to talk to you soon,

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