Chuck Sugar - Licensed Professional Counselor

My name is Chuck Sugar and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Tennessee, Nationally Board Certified, and a Mental Health Service Provider (MHSP). I specialize in helping both couples and individuals walk through Depression, Grief & Loss Recovery, and all forms of Marital Issues. But to simply state my credentials and specialties does not tell you much about me or why I feel my purpose is found in helping hurting people.


I started college at UT Knoxville and finished at University of Texas, Austin in 1977. I spent 20 years as a studio owner and engineer in the music business in both Austin and Houston, TX. Often, recording artists would stay at my home, and many were dealing with tough life issues. I found myself regularly becoming an impromptu counselor to these musicians and discovered a desire to help artists in their comprehensive career journeys beyond recording.

I soon moved into artist management and consulting. My specialty became helping artists find their “true” selves – understanding and communicating their personal story in a way that both eased their career aims and decisions as well as communicating and connecting with audiences. During this time, I moved to Nashville, TN. This led me to create Forte Artist Development. In my work with labels and performers I was able to build trust with artists which enabled me to often help them uncover their difficult pasts and found it a natural fit to help them them process and incorporate their history with new purpose. Opportunities outside of the music business emerged.

I became involved in an effort at my local church called the Stephen Ministry. It was a quasi-counseling ministry by nonprofessionals. I loved walking with people through their issues. In 2000 I started a men’s ministry in Nolensville. I found that the men would call me during the week and want to meet and talk about the issues in their lives. In 2002, I decided follow the these avocational opportunities and left the music and artist development business to obtain my Master’s Degree in Counseling from Trevecca Nazarene University. In 2003 (after some initial work under the supervision of seasoned, expert counselors) I emerged a professional counselor and am grateful to be living out what I believe to be my life’s vocational purpose.


While some clients seek me out specifically because of my faith, other clients usually discover that I am a Christian by reading my website or watching some of my videos on this website. To many, that would make me a “Christian Counselor.” I find that the term “Christian Counselor” can be polarizing. Let me be clear: I am a Christian man who counsels. I offer counseling services from a Christian world-view and a non-Christian world view depending on the wants and needs of my the clients. I have worked with Christians, non-Christians, pastors, atheists, and people in a variety of very “culturally taboo” lifestyles. I love and care for all my clients the same and have celebrated great successes with them regardless of faith. My master’s degree and licensure is in Professional Counseling, not “Christian Counseling,” “Biblical Counseling,” or “Pastoral Counseling.” I do not try to “save” people or try to persuade them to believe what I believe. I am not a preacher and do not “preach at” or condemn people and the choices they make as we work together to become healthier.

Outside the Office

When at home, I love woodturning. I started in 2014 and it’s become my personal therapy. I make bowls, razor kits, vases, etc. Below are a few pictures of my woodturning work. My wife Teresa and I (married in 2005), have two small pups and spend a lot of time playing with them. I also love playing guitar. I have played since I was 12 and still play almost every day. Playing guitar is a wonderful way for me to relax.

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