Losing a loved one whether by death, divorce, or the ending of a significant relationship is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. The saying “time heals” is only true if you are truly healing. Time can prolong the hurt if someone is not grieving the loss in a healthy way. This can lead to lack of trust, isolation, anger, hurt, resentment, addictions, workaholism and busy-ness as distraction, depression, and more. This also applies to jobs, pets, etc.

In grief & loss recovery, participating in the grieving process is very important for real healing to take place. Feeling sad and talking about it is not enough; accepting the grief process is critical to real, long-lasting recovery.

I would love to walk with and help you through this difficult time. There can be fulfilling life after such a significant loss! I would consider it a privilege to walk through such a season with you. I also find that people that grieve their losses well are better equipped to handle losses that will undoubtedly happen in the future.

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