Conflict Resolution

Thank you for inquiring about Conflict Resolution Counseling.  Some relationships start of rocky, but many start off with love and romance.  Early in relationships, most couples aren’t usually very skilled at conflict resolution and don’t know why they should be.  I do Conflict Resolution Counseling for premarital couples and for almost any couple that’s been married for a short while or 20 years.  Conflicts build up over time and we either shut them in to avoid them or we try to argue them out.  Usually, we don’t know what we’re doing.  The main reason is that we’re not taught how to resolve conflicts peacefully and in a way that benefits the relationship.  

We usually go into arguments with the goal to prove we’re right (or at least not wrong!) and/or to win at all costs.  Couples are often defensive, interrupt each other, want rationalize their behavior, or try to justify it.  We learn, growing up, to plan our counter attack while our partner is letting us know where we’ve failed to love them well…we don’t learn how to listen well.   Most of us know what we’re doing isn’t working, but don’t know what to do to make it better.  Conflict Resolution Counseling is important because resolving conflicts is essential to a happy marriage. No marriage is without problems.  We just need the way we treat problems to bring us closer together; not tear us apart!

Many people feel disconnected from their partner, are filled with anxiety, are sad they no longer communicate well, and are afraid that their marriage will never meet their needs again.

Being a former conflict avoider myself, I understand how important it is to learn this skill.  I truly believe the gateway to intimacy and a successful marriage is through peaceful conflict resolution!!!  I would love to help you with Conflict Resolution Counseling to help you and your partner resolve conflicts better.

Please fill out the confidential email form to the right and let’s find a time to meet and get started working together on conflict resolution and other marriage issues.

I hope to talk to you soon.


Chuck Sugar
Licensed Professional Counselor

"Thanks for your insights and wisdom last week.  You helped to make a big difference in our marriage and home this weekend.  You have a gift and I appreciate your ability to help us out."

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